Coaching Rewards

Coaches Rewards 2019

All River City Hornets Head Coaches will receive a fee discount to the value of $60 in 2019.

In order to be eligible for the RCH Coaches Incentive coaches must attend a minimum of two thirds of all regular season scheduled training session and games.

If the coach has family/relatives within the club, a $60 discount will be applied to a nominated player’s registration fee. If a coach is coaching multiple teams then the discount can be applied to multiple or single player's registration fees. If a coach does not have family/relatives within the club a Rebel gift card will be offered instead of registration discount. Rebel gift card can also be taken instead of discount on players registration fees.

Discount/Gift Card will be applied at the beginning of each season. If the minimum incentive eligibility requirements are not met throughout the season then it is expected that full player fees must then be paid in order for the player to be eligible to play for the River City Hornet in finals and/or the next competition season.